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Bringing your carpets and rugs back from dingy and dirty to their former glory.

Exquisite Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Even in a light tread situation, your Calgary carpets and rugs can quickly go from new and shining to dirty, stain-filled, and unsightly. Now imagine what happens in a high traffic area. At Day & Night Carpet & Fine Furniture Cleaning, it doesn't matter if your carpets see one visitor or 100, our vacuum and steam extraction techniques will have them spotlessly clean in no time.

For many of our local Calgary customers, the best choice for Day & Night Carpet & Fine Furniture Cleaning cleaning is to hire us for weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits. In this manner, your carpets and rugs won't have time to build up a ground-in dirt situation and will always look their best. Our multiple-visit packages are competitively priced and can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Because the Day & Night Carpet & Fine Furniture Cleaning team is composed of carpet cleaning experts, it pays to contact us before throwing away heirloom and antique rugs that may still be salvageable. Using nonabrasive cleaners to minimize the chance of damage and our gentle but effective techniques, we'll do our best to restore your vintage rugs to a beautiful state.

Find out more about Day & Night Carpet & Fine Furniture Cleaning's carpet and rug cleaning services in Calgary by calling 403-540-5564.

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Day & Night Carpet & Fine Furniture Cleaning is a Calgary business and offers both local and extended carpet cleaning service to those in our area.


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